Eat my art!

Art is everywhere! After seeing these bento food art ı belive the truth of this cliche phrase. The usage of the food is in a totattly new level. Creating something that wont last forever is very brave and futuristic. Eventually someone will eat them or they will got rotten but still the artist put so much effort in these art pieces just to show that even the simple foods that we eat every day is a material for art and design.
Cooked rice and pieces of ham are the most frequent used materials in the food art as seen because it is easy to put them in to desired shapes. Though the material selection is not limited in food art. Creativity of the designer will set the limits.
Dont play with your food is an old fashioned phrase that our mothers used when we are kids but after seeing this even they may encourge children to play with their food.

  1. That was hilarious:) I really liked the combination of nutrients in each composition.Great find

  2. those hand made “designs” are just priceless! 🙂 those nite designs and the ingredients of them remind me that the designer could be Japanese who has cutey taste of designing. very nice find:)

  3. ahahah i’m loving these! very creative ways to play with various types of food. i especially liked the woman with cucumber on her eyes. also, it would be a joy to eat that shoe shaped hamburger!

  4. Nice find. It seems so fun to prepare these meals. I think there is no limitation with the food, people can design their plates. By the way i want those piano sandwich so bad 🙂

    • Νικος Μανωλεδάκης
    • June 22nd, 2011


  1. November 27th, 2010

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