First Floor Under Campaign

These posters were produced for First Floor Under by agency TBWA Italy. This campaign is about the hacking of the music, made up of 6 posters made by strategically placed CDs. Each of them depicts a different musical icon such as Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith and Elvis. I don’t think there could have been a better solution, both creatively and appropriate to the subject..

Andre Jolicoeur’s illustrations

First image is home page of When ı stumbling, this enjoyable homepage attracted my attention then i entered the site..I loved all these enjoyable works and Jolicoeur’s inspirational style..If you’re interested in making these kind of illustrations, i recommend you to watch his ‘masking with paint’ video in his website, it gives really good tricks about his great technique..

Become Someone Else

Lithuania based Love Agency has created series of posters for Mint Vinetu Bookstore. The posters focus on the idea of becoming someone else which supports the idea that how one starts living it and identifies with main hero within the books they read and how readers have an active role while they are reading a book.


The Become Someone Else ad campaign for the Mint Vinetu bookstore is perfect for many reasons. It doesn’t have only a clear literary message, it also captures one of the main reasons that people love to read which is an escape into a world full of imagination. Also creatives did a great job with combining modern esthetics and classical items which totally conforms the bookstore’s speciality.

Transatlantic in economy class: ‘Red Eye’

This enjoyable visual diary which express the flight from New York to Berlin with a stopover at London, is from Christoph Niemann’s Abstract Sunday blog.
Niemann continuously updates his New York Times blog with really interesting posts, each presented in a very different visual method or illustration. This time, he kept it simple with pencil illustrations on a notebook paper.
If you’ve ever flown transatlantic in economy, you’ll definitely remember your memories:)
To look other posts of Niemann;

Heroes: The Route of Exposure

This is a very interesting body of work by Australian artist Adrian Tranquilli. In his exhibition ‘Heroes: The Route of Exposure’, his goal is to focus less on the heroes’ superpowers and psychic abilities, and more on their human fragility. He shows us the rarely seen, vulnerable side of our favorite superheroes. As a result, Batman is positioned on his knees looking for answers while Superman is coming out of the wall injured and bloody.
Actually, I’m not a huge fan of super-hero movies but still i think this stuff is great.

Dergi İçeriği

Hazırlayacağımız dergi için bulduğum bölüm ve konular;


Ayın etkinliği


Cirque Du Soleil’in Sahne Makyajları
Hollywood Yıldızlarının Makyözü Laura Mercier ile Röportaj
Paris Moda Haftası
Bir Yaşam Stili: Pilates
Cildiniz Yaza Hazır mı?
20′lerden 50′lere Modaya Yön Veren Hollywood Yıldızları

Paris vs New York

Vahram Muratyan is a talented designer, and a famous illustrator. He reduced the differences between New York and Paris to the essential. As a result he shows us great visualizations of urban lifestyle on both of them. I loved his minimalist approach..They are all so great that ı can not pick a favourite..Have fun:)


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